Business Consulting

Bridging the gap between your Business and Technology

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the foundation of developing and implementing timely, cost-effective, and successful consultations and technology-based services. Flexasoft begins every relationship by comprehensively analyzing your business\’s objectives, strategies, and processes to create personalized solutions that will help to fulfill your business\’s requirements and goals.

Project Management Services

Flexasoft understands the importance of planning and implementing concurrent projects in order to fulfill your customer and business expectations. To meet your business\’s goals your company must deliver high-quality products and services on time and budget.

Strategy Implementation

Developing a comprehensive business strategy is an important element in defining your business and its goals. A business strategy, when successfully implemented, can help to increase your company\’s overall performance, while guiding and motivating your staff, projects, and services. Each action that a business takes should work towards fulfilling their company\’s strategy and creating a cohesive vision of where the business is going and how to get there.

Strategy Development

Developing and executing a well-designed business strategy is an important factor in understanding and improving your business, your market, and your business goals. Flexasoft will work collaboratively with your business\’s stakeholders to design a business strategy that outlines your business\’s vision, strategic goals, and implementation methods.

Organization Effectiveness

Flexasoft understands the importance of analyzing, gauging, and increasing your business\’s effectiveness. Organizational effectiveness relates to how efficiently your business can achieve its decided goals and objectives while continuing its financial success, client satisfaction, and ethical obligations such as user safety and security.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement is an important element to building and sustaining your business\’s success. Business processes can decline as time passes meaning that your business\’s performance, profits, and services can potentially decrease.

Risk Management

Developing and implementing technology-based products and services can involve a variety of risks. Risk is “the potential that a given threat will exploit vulnerabilities of an asset or group of assets and thereby cause harm to the organization. It is measured in terms of a combination of the probability of occurrence of an event and its consequences”.

Quick Start

Aimed at current market needs and challenges, we help clients improve productivity and reduce costs. From Strategy to Implementation and Outcomes, we assist in addressing three critical areas: People, process and technology.


What others say about us?

Rajashree Verma

Thank you for working hard and delivered the project within the timeframe. The FleXasoft team impressed me with deep knowledge and expertise in the QA. I truly look forward to this close partnership with FleXasoft and hope to build continuously upon the successes of our continued relationship.

Rajashree VermaArth Systems, Redmond
Dipak Dhawan

ConnectedStars has become key part of our sourcing. We have seen 1 to 5 applicant to hire ratio compare to 1 to 25 applicant to hire earlier.

Dipak DhawanRecruiting Manager, Quadrant Resource
Chad Bhandari

We needed to get a mobile app built to support our fitness product. We needed support for in-app purchases, video playback, interactive training logs, and an admin tool to manage all of it. Flexasoft had all of the answers. We provided our designs, explained how we wanted everything to function, and they provided exactly what we asked for, faster than we anticipated. Moreover, they\’re very familiar with the entire process of getting an app into mobile app stores, which can be time consuming in itself.

Chad BhandariCEO, SeattleAppLabs
Kevin H.

We have been working with Flexasoft for two years to develop a robust software application that supports the company\’s daily activities. The Flexasoft team is highly responsive and professional providing us with great problem solving on a daily basis. They are a tremendous extension of our team.

Kevin H.CTO, Paper Tracer