Project Management Services

Flexasoft’s Goal is to help your Company meet theirs

Flexasoft understands the importance of planning and implementing concurrent projects in order to fulfill your customer and business expectations. To meet your business\’s goals your company must deliver high-quality products and services on time and budget.

However, businesses can often struggle to keep their projects on time and budget because of fluctuating work scopes, project complexity, project design errors, and a lack of communication between involved parties.

Through our management experience, expertise, and leadership, Flexasoft ensures that you projects and business will meet its goals and deliver successful products and services to your customers. .

We have the Tools and Experience to Guide your Business to Success

Flexasoft employs experienced Project Managers who will work with your development teams to create, implement, and manage successful project plans. Our experienced Project Managers utilize tools such as Microsoft Project, Visio, and Excel to establish and outline important project milestones.

Flexasoft then collaborates with your development teams to ensure that your business meets the decided milestones and delivers high-quality products and services.

Flexasoft ensures that each milestone and deliverable aligns with your business’s overall objectives, strategies, and processes. We understand that individual projects are often part of a larger, interrelated project and we strive to align these processes to develop your products and services on time and budget.

Agility to Meet Every Project

Flexasoft provides diverse project management services that are able to meet the needs of any technology-based project. We develop and manage each project plan based on your specific deliverable, scope of work, resources, and most importantly your staff and intended users. Our attention to detail allows us to allocate the proper staff and resources to your specific project to ensure its success.

Flexasoft System plans and manages each project based on your business\’s individual requirements and goals, while actively responding to any changes and adversities. We often use agile methodologies to organize project plans. This planning structure allows us to develop your products iteratively so they meet your specifications and user requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to your needs to create success for your business.

Flexasoft provides the Services that Your Company Requires

Flexasoft can provide your company with the necessary tools, people, and information to complete any major technology-based project. We provide a variety of services that can meet any company’s requirements. From developing, implementing, and managing a project from beginning to end to solely providing project leadership, we are able to ensure that your projects are on time and budget.

Flexasoft has the ability to add experience and expertise to your company\’s projects. Through our staffing capabilities, Flexasoft can help you find your projects missing piece. That missing piece could be a technical writer, usability specialist, or a project manager; Flexasoft can assure that your company has every resource that it needs to be successful.

Our relationship begins with a plan and finishes with your success.

Flexasoft Services

The following includes some of Flexasoft System’s Project Management services:

  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Risk Management and Contingency Development
  • Project Staffing
  • Project Delivery
  • Quality Assurance
  • Usability Testing

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