Retail Industry

Retail world is constantly transforming with changing market trends, millions of customers and market globalization. In this period of transformation and swift change, retail systems are becoming business critical and are evolving to provide competitive benefits. With little or no margin for error, they need experienced partners who can perform unbiased QA.

Flexasoft works with physical and online retailers to mitigate risks and increase confidence in delivering new retail, supply chain or logistics systems and technologies. Based on vast accumulated experience, Flexasoft has created a structured methodology for testing Retail systems. With a focus on retail domain knowledge, processes, tools, innovation and best practices, Flexasoft dedicated Testing team takes complete ownership of the testing process and helps in providing complete testing services. Our software quality and testing teams have created testing strategies and programs to meet speed and flexibility requirements, higher consumer expectations and budget constraints.

 Flexasoft Retail Software Testing Approach:

Flexasoft knows that the retail industry cannot be generalized. The IT strategy and software for an automotive retailer are much different from that of an ecommerce retailer. Flexasoft understands these differences and uses this specialized knowledge to choose the right structured QA methodologies.

Our customized approach to retail software testing has a focus on:

  • Quality Assurance activities throughout the development process.
  • Planning and executing Business Process Tests as opposed to Modular Tests.
  • Network problem simulation: fail-over, Jitter, Packet-loss, Latency etc as well as system performance analysis.
  • Assuring process correctness and avoiding defects by implementing Quality Assurance Tools such as Design Reviews, Risk Assessment etc.
  • Planning and execution of end-to-end scenarios as part of operational environment simulation including: several Points Of Sale (POS), Back Office, Central Office etc.
  • End users involvement in the testing processes starting from the preliminary design through all the testing life cycle.
  • Application Customization & Enhancement, Implementation, Support & Maintenance
  • Legacy Modernization & Re-engineering
  • Migration Services including Conversion & Data Migration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Services
  • Mobility Solutions

We have experienced testing these retail-specific systems and modules:

  • Point of sale
  • Advanced reporting
  • RFID
  • Data security
  • Bar code systems
  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory management
  • Order automation
  • Warehouse
  • Internationalization
  • Distribution
  • Accounting
  • Allocation
  • Merchandising
  • eCommerce
  • Sales back office

Flexasoft provide the best available talent pool, technology, and testing process for players and associates in the retail industry. We have built sophisticated practices best fit for testing services across the length and breadth of the retail domain.

Flexasoft Benefits:

  • Strong sector experience: Your projects are delivered on time and with the right quality, because we understand quality assurance in the retail & logistics sectors. We have an extensive domain knowledge and awareness of retail business imperatives. This is combined with skilled team with proficiency in latest technology and tools.
  • Local experts supported by an international network: You will profit from an unrivaled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services, based on our in-country specialists who share expertise through an international knowledge base.
  • Flexible business models: Flexible approach with focus on maximizing client revenue growth and resource optimization
  • Cost reduction: We enable clients to achieve lasting cost reductions while systematically reducing expenditure.
  • Keep pace with changes in technology: We develop services, capability and tools for testing to help organizations exploit new technologies and market opportunities ”“ for example, delivering on the promise of Cloud services.
  • Demonstrable return on investment in new technologies: We evaluate performance in conditions that mirror real operating environments and business scenarios.

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