Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team model is one of the most popular services in IT outsourcing. This approach means that the developer(s) works on the full-time salary basis on the particular project. In fact, this allows you to have your own offshore development center withdedicated specialists that thoroughly learn your requirements and the project details in order to complete the project with the maximum efficiency.

Dedicated Team engagement model is efficient for clients looking to utilize services of a top-notch group of software consultants while maintaining maximum flexibility for a scope change that a business may require. It works great with an Agile development process and doesn’t require a large upfront investment in requirements definition. It does, however, require careful monitoring of productivity and costs.

Advantages of Dedicated Team

  • Ability to hire dedicated developers with profound experience and considerable skills working particularly for you.
  • You are able to select team members manually, setup interviews and control your team easily.
  • We provide direct access to each developer from the team.
  • The terms of the Dedicated Team contract are very flexible.
  • This model provides more project security control.
  • We provide the experienced team lead to manage the team.
  • Flexible costs plan is possible, no startup, tax or maintenance costs.

Drawbacks of the Dedicated team model:

  • Low efficiency for short-term projects, and waste of money if there are no tasks for the team.
  • Dedicated team members have less opportunities to learn new techniques outside their area of expertise in the project.

Flexasoft has a unique way of providing clients with the benefits of traditional Dedicated Team model while ensuring accountability and focus:

  • We share our planning, project management and staffing functions with a client (product management, however, is always on the client’s side)
  • We invest in the services of Delivery and Engagement Managers, the two key team supervisors in Flexasoft management who work to minimize delivery risks. We take responsibility for staff changes and related training
  • What ultimately matters most in a Dedicated Team approach is not the billing schedule or the number of graduate degrees in the team but what that team, along with the company infrastructure, will do to ensure that the client’s project is successful.