Pay Per Bug

FleXasoft announces Pay-Per-Approved-Bug model!

In response to mounting challenges in QA Testing, such as cost, matrix, resources and quality, Flexasoft has come up with the new innovative “Pay-Per-Bug” model with the intention of changing the way corporations think about hiring Software Testers/ Quality assurance services. By leveraging the Quality professional testers, QA teams can do the impossible: maintaining app quality, achieving broad testing coverage, meeting launch dates and working with tighter budget.

Pay-Per-Bug is our model, where companies pay per bug basis found in the cycle during testing, to Flexasoft\’s testers who work in-house at clients\’ location with their test and development teams.

Here\’s how it works:

  • Clients specify their testing requirements (OS, browser, app type, etc).
  • Flexasoft will place professional testers at client side.
  • Testers will work onsite with members of the testing team (to authorize test scripts, come up with testing environment, browser, OS, devices etc).
  • Clients sign off the test scripts and testing environment before our team executes them.
  • Testers log bugs and report it in client\’s bug database.
  • Client approves the bugs.
  • Companies will be charged on the basis of number of approved bugs found.

Flexasoft has the capacity to deploy over 600 professional testers who can work Onsite, and can function as an on-demand extension to your in-house QA team, without you committing to long-term contracts.

Flexasoft provides the following to clients\’ internal QA department:

Maintain Control : Since Flexasoft\’s professional testers work onsite at the clients\’ location, the whole team can maintain complete control and have a clear oversight of the entire test cycle. Also, QA managers can easily control day -to-day testing processes to apply agile methodologies, and when confronted with sudden changes in their development cycle, testers can easily react with the QA team.

Testing Coverage: Unless your app is designed for a simple and homogenous audience that\’s identical to your in-house QA team, it\’s likely that you will have gaps on your testing coverage. Yet to fill these voids, it would be impractical, expensive and frankly a huge waste of time. This is not the case with our testers who can test your pre-tested applications and cycles with different browsers, OS, location, languages and devices.

Cost Reduction: While companies are paying only for the bugs they approve, Flexasoft enables to launch higher quality products to market faster for potential growth, all in all while keeping costs at the lowest.