Infrastructure Advisory

Infrastructure is undoubtedly one of the great universal challenges of the 21st Century. Flexasoft understands that there is often more to a project than delivering a project or technical solution. Other key project elements include strategic planning, raising finance, governance, procurement, business change, risk assessment and management, project development and delivery and general business advice.  In recent years, infrastructure has become a critical issue for governments and businesses worldwide. Developed economies are seeking to address decades of under-investment, and high and emerging growth economies are establishing their place in global markets. Over the coming years, investment in infrastructure will grow on a scale that is unprecedented in history.

Indeed, decisions taken today are shaping the society of the future. At Flexasoft, we are privileged to be involved in many of the exciting changes that are happening around the world, across many sectors, and at various stages of the lifecycle of infrastructure.

How can we help?

Drawing upon a strong technical base and proven capability in project conception and delivery, Flexasoft provides clients with comprehensive support from the initial project planning phases through to managing the project lifecycle. Our team provides a business and strategy development service focused on analysis and the management of concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility stages. We understand asset management from multiple perspectives and provide management and technical resources to assist in developing and implementing plans to optimize returns from clients\’ assets.

From strategy development through to operations and performance, our cross-functional teams provide advice to infrastructure contractors, operators, investors, and government organizations at every stage of complex projects and programs, including:

  • Planning, structuring and management of new infrastructure investments
  • Procurement and financing support
  • Improvement and monitoring of construction and operations
  • Restructuring of distressed projects
  • Investment due diligence assistance
  • Infrastructure related audit, tax, accounting and compliance issues.

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