Localization Testing

Confirming International Software Functionality

Flexasoft software testing team has the readily available language expertise, resources, skills, and tools to provide qualified internationalization and localization testing services of the highest quality. With Flexasoft localization testing service you can increase your market share and win over international audiences.

Flexasoft Localization Service Offerings

At Flexasoft, we check the following aspects during localization and internationalization testing:

  • End-to-end localization testing and validation.
  • Compliance of the application with native (localized) environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)
  • Compliance of the application with GUI guidelines
  • Compatibility with different regional standards (e.g., date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Document and website localization and verification.
  • Absence of untranslated messages

Flexasoft advantage to you:

By working with Flexasoft, you will benefit from the following localization testing advantages:

  • We specialize in providing quick and the best possible return on investment through our low cost of localization testing services.
  • Flexible testing options, allowing you to customize testing plans for your needs
  • Separation of testers from translators and engineers, ensuring a thorough and impartial approach
  • Formalized bug reporting, allowing you to easily see what issues can be resolved by Flexasoft and which need to be escalated to the development team

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