Security Testing

By leveraging the web to perform various business transactions and for sharing information with different stakeholders – customers, business partners and vendors – enterprises around the world are exposing their business applications to security related risks. Security breach can happen through network penetration or errors in software applications caused by improper software development. Thus, it is not enough to have Secure Sockets Layers (SSLs), firewalls, antivirus software or random scanning procedures that address network penetration. Software applications and products should also be specifically tested for security breach (application security).

The consequences of a single infringement in security can spoil an enterprise\’s reputation and credibility. Validating the need of security risk, the industry has coalesced around the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a robust framework for Security Testing Services.

Business Challenges

Security breach can have far-reaching consequences for enterprises : by permitting access to confidential data and to servers on which application components are installed, by compromising privacy and credibility in the market, and by attracting hefty fines in case of non-compliance with prevalent standards like SOX and PCI-DSS.


Flexasoft Security Testing services are powered by a Security Testing framework along with multiple solution accelerators which drive down the total cost of Security Testing. Our Security Testing approach is based on “W” Model, which provides best practices, templates, checklists and guidelines throughout the lifecycle, starting from requirements gathering to design, development, and deployment and monitoring. Sonata has an assessment framework which covers the OWASP Top 10 Security Threats and has pre-built test cases that reduce the Security Testing cycle and costs. Our security testing experts can provide a variety of software security testing services including:

  • Identify implementation errors that were not discovered during code reviews, unit tests, or security white box tests
  • Discover security issues resulting from boundary conditions not identified during the design and implementation phases
  • Uncover software security issues resulting from incorrect product builds (e.g. old or missing modules/files), or the interaction with the underlying environment (e.g. improper configuration files, unhardened OS and applications)
  • Verify that software security components and security-specific sub-systems are operating properly

Flexasoft’s software security testing combines manual penetration and dynamic security testing methods to find vulnerabilities quickly, and help you avoid real-world software security threats.

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