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The professionals at Flexasoft have the experience and expertise to provide you with the most reliable mobile testing services available.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the dominant platform for content access. Across all industries, organizations are finding they must make their content available to mobile users, but finding the path forward is not clear.

The variety of mobile devices is huge, and each device has its own quirks, resolution, GUI and processing abilities. In addition to that, each device may be used in different locations, on fluctuating bandwidth and various network loads and types. Mobile testing requires special focus, tools and methods, and service offerings to deliver quality mobility apps to both employees and end consumer

Flexasoft Mobility QA practice, with its unique test service offerings backed by a strong foundation of the Independent Validation Services (IVS) practice, is helping clients in all vertical segments (financial services, retail, energy, communication and services, and manufacturing) to circumvent the barriers to mobile testing. We are working with our clients to deliver quality, secure, and high performance mobile apps. Additionally, we are providing them means to uniquely test apps without having to set up the entire mobile test (devices and cloud) infrastructure

Flexasoft Mobility QA offering:

Flexasoft provides the following comprehensive offering, covering end-to-end lifecycle of mobile applications and rapidly changing technology / device landscape:


 Flexasoft Benefits:

  • Best in class mobile application testing lab to provide seamless validation service.
  • 700+ real device and automation tools
  • Wide range of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian handsets
  • Collection of iPads, phablets, and tablets
  • Mac mini, iMac, and device simulators for all platforms
  • Alliances and teaming agreement with leading mobile tool player

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