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Having a mobile presence is crucial to staying connected with your customers and providing convenient and consistent services. With the expanding use of mobile devices and technologies, your company has a variety of options when developing applications for your customers. Flexasoft works with your customers and business stakeholders to plan and develop applications that meet both your business requirements.

Flexasoft\’s technical, market, and user experience help us to develop a wide range of applications for the current market of mobile devices. Flexasoft works with your company to develop applications and device specific software for the following device types:

  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Phone 8.0
  • BlackBerry Device

Flexasoft leverages the integrated technologies found in these devices to help serve your clients and their needs. From a GPS based travel app to a cloud based data management app, Flexasoft can create the device specific applications that your business and clients need.

Our application expertise includes a variety of markets and application types. Flexasoft can plan, develop, test, market, and release the following types of applications to help meet your goals:

  • Business ”“ Software and business solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile
  • Productivity ”“ Business related applications, utilities, and solutions
  • Games ”“ Multimedia applications and mobile games
  • Porting ­­”“ Porting web applications and mobile website information to a device oriented application
  • Mobile ”“ Client software

Flexasoft Develops your Applications for your Customers

Flexasoft application development begins with analyzing your business and customers to determine your application needs. We analyze your current desktop and mobile website analytics to understand the following information:

  • How many customers access your website using a mobile device?
  • What mobile devices do customers use to access your web-based information?
  • What are the most used features that mobile customers use?
  • What frustrates your mobile customers? And how can we solve these issues?
  • What devices do mobile users use to access your business\’s information and services?

Using this information, Flexasoft establishes the best course of action for your company and customers. We determine the type of application that will best serve your clients as well as the device or devices that will reach the majority of your customers.

This initial research also helps us to develop our initial user analyses. Flexasoft develops user profiles, scenarios, and use cases to understand your user and their requirements. By understanding your users and how, where, and why they use your online services, we can develop an application that best suits their needs. A Flexasoft application only includes the necessary information and services that your customers use and need.

Once Flexasoft begins to develop your application we iteratively test it with members of your customer base. This testing process allows us to gauge your application\’s content and usability. By iteratively testing the application with your customer base, we can review it and make the necessary changes to ensure it is highly usable and fits your needs.

Flexasoft Develops your Applications with the Latest Technologies

Flexasoft strives itself on developing applications that are user centred and help customers to access and use your information and services. However, Flexasoft utilizes the latest technologies to create device specific apps that are stylish, navigable, and usable. Flexasoft has expertise in developing global applications for Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Phone Store using the following methods:

  • .Net Development
  • Java/ Java EE Development
  • C++
  • Objective ”“ C
  • J2ME

Flexasoft\’s experience with these technologies allows us to create, test, and launch your business\’s application on time and budget. We focus on making your application appealing to your customers while also highly usable.

Your Flexasoft application will help provide your customers with the information and services they need in any location and on the device that matters to them.

Flexasoft Brings your Application to the Market

Flexasoft cannot only plan and develop your business\’s application, but we can also help to develop a marketing plan once it is available on the respective application markets. From featuring your application in trusted blogs to developing online marketing, Flexasoft will help to increase your application\’s success.

Flexasoft Services

The following includes some of Flexasoft\’s Application services:

  • User Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Application Development
  • Application Marketing Strategies
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Windows 8 Mobile Development

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