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About Flexasoft

Flexasoft has incepted as workforce service provider in 2008 & with time Flexasoft has emerged as a digital workforce provider with the vision of turning into a digital talent practice company focusing on emerging technologies such as data science, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, blockchain. Journey to the cloud, securing data, getting insights from underwater and petabytes of data are the pressing problem and need for today’s Enterprises.

Enterprises works tirelessly to identify right talent for their journey of digital transformation & spends fortune to upgrade talent skills. Flexasoft mission is to address this pressing talent gap in the industry. We strive to create a portfolio of talent specialized in digital technologies & a one stop solution for Enterprises to find their digital talent needs.

How do we do that?

Contingent Talent Solutions

We can help to define your contingency talent planning. In today’s dynamic Technology ecosystem, on demand talent requirements is an everyday need. Hiring full time or permanent resources for short term or one term projects could be an expensive ratio for Enterprises. Our contingent talent solutions address that gap, with our contingent talent solutions you can hire skilled resources on demand basis for the required amount of time without need of reinventing the entire wheels & going through the nine yards.

Total Talent Solutions

Our Total Talent Solutions offers a custom approach to outsource your entire permanent recruitment process high or low volume. If you require an end-to-end recruitment solution for all professional grade hiring or an agile service that can rapidly respond to the changes in your business needs, Total Talent Solutions might be the right option for you. It creates an opportunity to promote and control brand messages reaching the candidates' marketplace as the brand equity is deepened at all stages of the service continuum.

Contract Talent Solutions

We can help you find the contract, temp-to-perm and permanent talent you need. Flexasoft fills positions in the most effective and efficient way while reducing costs and risk. Our focus on quality - finding the candidates who can have a real impact on operations and the bottom line. We offer a variety of comprehensive contract talent solutions to meet your needs, including temp-to-perm, contract staffing, and permanent placement.

Technologies we cater

Our Talent Attraction Strategy

    We follow a head-hunting strategy using the power of social media & technology. We aggregate data from multiple data points across the web and consolidate a single window view of profile for our clients. This ensures client has the maximum visibility of a profile which ensures authenticity.
    We use the power of your brand and technology to attract the best talent from the industry. Combining the organic sourcing approach with brand power, we bring the persistent & consistent talent from the industry, who becomes your brand ambassador.
    Our most successful talent sourcing strategy for our contingent talent solutions. This is a continuous year-round process, where we ensure to keep our hunting strategies alive regardless of demand. This helps us to create a large pool of talent database & deliver on demand talent in real time.

Our Sourcing Process


We engage with Client manager to identify & understand Business & project objective.

Stakeholder Preference

We at flexasoft listen to the Stakeholder Preference to identify their business and project needs.


While sourcing the talent, we ensure talent is as per the benchmark of Stakeholder and matches the requirement.


Our flexasoft's core methodology is a strict compliance followed for onboarding the resources.

What we can bring in your talent search?

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Diverse Industry Exposure
  • Embracing Digital Technology

Why should you work with us?

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